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Know your worth!

CLIENT – Hey! I need a cake for next weekend!

BAKER – Awesome, I’d love to help! What would you like?

CLIENT – I’d like a cake that looks like this that feeds about 40 people. How much will it cost?

BAKER – Do you have a budget in mind for the cake?


BAKER – Ok, I can do this for about $235.

CLIENT – That’s too expensive for this cake.

BAKER – How much do you think it should cost?

CLIENT – $40 max! It’s a simple job!

BAKER – I can’t do the job for so little.

CLIENT – People in your line of work wants to make a huge profit!

BAKER – I’m sorry you feel this way. Why don’t you make the cake?

CLIENT – But, but, I don’t know how to do any of that.

BAKER – For $100, I can teach you everything you need to know to do the job. You can then use the $135 to do the job, and save whatever you have left over. Also, you will obtain all the knowledge and the experience for the next time you need to do this cake.

CLIENT – Deal!

BAKER – Great! To start, you need to buy tools. You will need all of the ingredients, mixer, cake pans, cake decorating tools and some other things.

CLIENT – But, I don’t have any of those tools and I can’t buy all that for just one job!

BAKER – Ok. I can rent you my tools for another $100. You’re still saving $35.

CLIENT – That’s cutting my savings, but I will rent your tools.

BAKER – Perfect! I’ll be back Saturday and we can start.

CLIENT – Wait! I can’t Saturday. I only have time today.

BAKER – I’m sorry, I only teach others on Saturdays. I have to prioritize my time and my tools needs to be in other jobs I have during the week.

CLIENT – Ok then. I will sacrifice my family’s plans on Saturday.

BAKER – Right, me too! Oh, I forgot. If you’re going to do the job yourself, you need to buy the the ingredients, so make sure you stop by early at the stop before you come this way so we have everything.

CLIENT – EARLY? On Saturday?

BAKER – Yes….

CLIENT – You know what? I’ve been thinking. Probably is better for you to do the job. It’s better to pay you to do the job right and not having to go through all that hassle.

BAKER – Good thinking. Sign here and let me get to work.

This is the truth.

People are not just paying for a job, they are paying for knowledge, experience, tools, time, family sacrifices, and other things you bring to the table.

Don’t let others dictate your worth.

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