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Wedding Cakes are Timeless!

You’re engaged, congratulations!!! Now what? As you start your wedding planning list, you go through everything you want it to look like entail. You get your date selected, venue, your photographer, your menu and now you’re at your cake. Pump the brakes. Your cake should be one of the first things you secure for your special day.

This is the cake, (the center piece of your reception) all of your guests will. It even has a time slot on your agenda for the event usually titled “Cake Cutting.” Your wedding cake should reflect you and your partner (unless there’s a cake for your partner as well and that is a whole other fun topic). What flavors of cake do you enjoy most? Do you want a more classic look, or are you going for a more modern look? The taste, smell and texture of a food can be evocative, bringing back memories of not just eating the food itself, but also takes you back to the place and setting when you ate it.

Wedding cakes aren’t just beautiful and delicious, they are timeless. There are images of it and you in your video and photos. Videos and photos last a lifetime and often are viewed to bring back memories and emotions of your special day. We have all seen images of our parents’ and grandparents’ wedding day. What is one of the photos that sticks out? Cutting the cake of course! The look on their faces just says it all, “love.”

What is some good information to know and give to your wedding cake vendor? Read reviews!! Ask for photos of previous work. When you’ve selected wedding cake vendor, make sure they have the vision you want for your cake. If you have any inspiration photos, send them over. Tell them the date and location of the wedding as well as the time you want the cake to be delivered. If you have a budget for the cake, let them know so they can tell you if it’s within their menu pricing. Are you planning to save the top tier for your one anniversary? One thing I often suggest to my clients is to count on 80% of your invitees to be present. So, keep that in mind as well. Do you want flowers on the cake? If your florist is providing flowers for your cake, let both the wedding cake and floral vendor know their information so they can communicate together who and when the flowers will be placed.

As a wedding cake creator, myself, I really enjoy walking my clients through the whole process. I communicate every step of the way to make sure what I’m doing is exactly what they want. Another fun fact about me is in high school, I was a florist, so adding flowers to the cake is easy and fun for me. I have the experience of knowing how to wrap each stem to make sure they don’t leak into the cake. On the dates I have wedding cakes, I make sure that my schedule isn’t bulked up so I can concentrate on your order. I also offer a free first anniversary cake if your order is over a certain amount. Nothing like one less thing to worry about the night of your wedding. Let's get it checked off your list!

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